Working Capital Solution

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For Publishers, App Developers and other SMEs operating in the digital economy

Tired of waiting for your revenues?

Access funding when you need it to grow your business.

View all your revenue and collection data in our user-friendly customer portal.

FeaturesFunding when you need it to grow your business

Access your sales revenues faster

Revving integrates with most demand sources to automatically capture your sales data at source so that you can instantly access advances against sales revenues before an invoice is raised.

You’ll receive payment within days, not weeks or months, unlocking valuable cashflow to fund the growth of your business.

With a tailored solution

We work closely with you to tailor our solution to meet your specific cashflow needs. You choose the payments you want to accelerate, when you want to accelerate them.

On superior terms

Our unique model enables us to offer attractive client terms: faster access to higher advances, at rates where you only pay for what you use . All without imposing onerous obligations or liabilities on you.

For a user-friendly client experience

Using our intuitive online portal, you can customise your Revving solution, select and request advances and view all your revenue and collections reporting in one place.

With innovative currency management tools

Access market leading FX rates and eliminate FX risk through intelligent hedging. Collect and pay out in over 29 major currencies.

How it worksAccess your sales revenues in a few simple steps

  • Step 1.Apply online in minutes
  • Step 2.We connect to your revenue sources and accounting software
  • Step 3. Accelerate payments. We’ll pull your transaction data and provide access to advances on a daily/weekly basis
  • Step 4.View latest advances and outstanding balances in your Revving customer portal
  • Step 5.Raise your end of month invoices as per usual. On payment, the amount of your advances and fees will be deducted and you keep the rest

Customer PortalView all your revenue and collection data in our user-friendly customer portal

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